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Get Maximum Compensation By Hiring a Top-Rated Truck Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

Sep 6

Truck accidents in Las Vegas, NV, are quite common, and the outcomes can be devastating. If you’re injured in a truck accident, you deserve compensation from the at-fault party—the amount you’re entitled to depend on the circumstances surrounding the accident and your injuries.

Working with a qualified truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas is important for the best legal representation. At Lloyd Bake Injury Attorneys, we assess the details of your claim, advise on your legal rights, and value your claim. We then use our resources and expertise to obtain the following compensation for you:

Economic Damages

In this case, our Las Vegas personal injury attorney helps you collect reimbursement for what you had to pay due to the accident. Also called special compensatory damages, economic damages include quantifiable, out-of-pocket expenses. These include:

  • Medical Expenses: These cover the present and estimated future medical expenses. We use our knowledge to help you obtain maximum compensation for pharmaceuticals, lab testing, medical equipment, medical visits, and more.
  • Lost Income/Earning Capacity: Injuries often require taking time off from work. Our Las Vegas truck accident lawyer ensures you receive compensation for lost earnings. We consider various factors to get you the financial support you’ll need after losing your earning capacity.
  • We include the repair or replacement costs as a component of your compensation claim. Also, we can get reimbursement for irreplaceable items damaged during the accident.


Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are difficult to calculate, but with our Las Vegas injury attorney, you can expect a seamless process. We use our expertise to value your:

  • Pain and Suffering: Our auto accident lawyer in Las Vegas considers the pain and suffering resulting from the accident. We base our value on the type of injury, medication prescribed, length of recovery, and permanence of the injury.
  • Emotional Anguish: You’re entitled to compensation for the emotional distress you suffer due to the injuries. Auto Accident Lawyer Las Vegas quantify the distress depending on various factors and ensure you recover the highest possible compensation.
  • Loss of Consortium: After a truck accident, we can help your spouse recover loss of consortium damages. This is especially true when your spouse cannot get the level of companionship you provided before the accident.

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